Professional IT Services

DHTCS is a leader in Professional IT Services.

We are your outsourced IT partner. When you hire us, you’re getting a team of experienced IT engineers with a partner oriented mindset.

Professional IT Services For Everyone. Yes, Everyone.

We provide professional break/fix services for everyone including residential customers.


Residential customers receive the same level of support and professionalism as that of a commercial business.

Commercial Business

Commercial businesses such as realty offices, doctor offices, retail establishments, restaurants and many more.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations require a budget friendly mindset when it comes to maintaining their networks.

Municipal Entities

Municipalities require specialized knowledge in order to maintain their networks and securities. We have been working with municipalities since 2007.

Emergency Services

Police, Fire, EMS. Each have their own set of special needs. Our technicians are trained in those technologies needed to handle each service.

This list of services is not a complete list. If you are wondering if we can help you with a project, please contact us.

Computer, Laptop & Apple/Mac Services

Server Administration

Networking Services

Special Services

Check out our Managed IT Services

Do I really need it and how would I benefit?

Managed IT Services is becoming more and more of a necessity than a luxury. In today’s technological environment putting your data more at risk than ever. Staying ahead of the curve is also important in today’s fast-paced business.

When you sign up for one of our tailored packages you are not just buying antivirus and an “IT guy”. You are investing in your success by limiting downtime, budgeting for IT needs, and not reacting to unexpected problems.

Your IT infrastructure is an integral part of running your business and without it, you risk losing that high value customer or sale. There is one question you should ask yourself or your board members:

“Can I/we afford to lose that client and their business?”

If you answered no to that, please contact us today so that we may guide you along the road to success.

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