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Meet the members of your local IT partner.

Why choose our team?

Team Values

Our CEO, Daniel Horsfield, instills the highest values in our team members. He believes that everyone should be treated better than they would wish to be treated. Without our clients, we would not have the opportunity to serve so many wonderful people and organizations.

Daniel Horsfield

Chief Everything Officer

Dan is our fearless leader, and Chief Everything Officer. In 2003, Dan began his work in the IT field working for a small local IT company. He then moved to a different IT company which focused more on the small business. Working closely with both business owners, he learned many of the traits required to run an IT company.

In 2006, the previous company he worked for decided to close their doors. Left with a decision to make, he chose to embark on a new entrepreneurial stage of life; business ownership. Having worked closely with both business owners, he merged many of their standards, beliefs, and processes together, with his own to create a powerhouse company focused on the success of its partners.

Owen Boger

Installation Tech

Owen joined our team in 2021 as a helping hand and has since flourished into a knowledgable and experienced installation technician. Prior to joining our team, Owen had worked in the restaurant industry as a waiter and cook.

Owen has many interests, such as music and computer gaming.

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