Intercom & Video Controls

Video and Intercom Controls

A video intercom allows you to recognize a visitor calling at the main entrance before granting them access to your building. Our video intercom system comprises three simple components: external panel, door control unit and internal monitor.

Video intercom systems can provide a great addition to an existing access control system or be used as a standalone solution.

Receive Notifications

Receive a notification on your phone or internal monitor when someone is at your door or entrance.

Crystal Clear Audio

Take advantage of clear and concise 2-way audio.

Clear HD Video Display

Enjoy HD quality video so you can see who you're talking to rather than just hearing them.

Intercom FAQ

What are Video Intercoms?

In simple terms, a video intercom doorbell system works by creating a video call between the hardware installed at a building entry point and a monitoring device controlled by a tenant or property owner.

Can intercom calls be answered remotely on my mobile device?

Intercom calls can be received through any mobile device or internal desk station or tablet. All you need is an Internet connection and the associated app to access convenient cloud-based controls for secure and simple call receiving, as well as door unlock and other security actions. 

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