Cybersecurity experts to keep your files and network safe.

Since 2007, we have been managing cybersecurity threats for our clients on a daily basis. Malware and network attacks are on the rise. This is why you need a security partner to help protect you.

Managed Cybersecurity

We evaluate, design and implement your infrastructure's security services. We team up with reputable protection vendors to help keep your data safe and secure.

Password Level Security

We review and evaluate your passwords for cloud based software, local software, email, and more, then advise on newer requirements that bring your passwords up-to-date.

Vulnerability Management

To keep your evolving IT environment reliably protected, we regularly review your security policies and evaluate your staff’s cyber safety knowledge.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Have questions? Wonder if you're protected? We can help you by reviewing and evaluating your current cybersecurity policies in place and make recommendations to tighten and openings.

Wireless Network Security

Wireless networks are the easiest to infiltrate. We can make it more difficult for attempts to be successful.

Cloud Security

Cloud software security weakness can leave your data vulnerable to attack in the cloud. We provide evaluations of your current cloud environment to help eliminate risks.

Cybersecurity FAQ

What does the term "cybersecurity" mean?

Cybersecurity is the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. It seems that everything relies on computers and the internet now—communication (e.g., email, smartphones, tablets), entertainment (e.g., interactive video games, social media, apps ), transportation (e.g., navigation systems), shopping (e.g., online shopping, credit cards), medicine (e.g., medical equipment, medical records), and the list goes on. How much of your daily life relies on technology? How much of your personal information is stored either on your own computer, smartphone, tablet or on someone else's system?

What are the risks to having poor cybersecurity?

There are many risks, some more serious than others. Among these dangers are malware erasing your entire system, an attacker breaking into your system and altering files, an attacker using your computer to attack others, or an attacker stealing your credit card information and making unauthorized purchases. There is no guarantee that even with the best precautions some of these things won't happen to you, but there are steps you can take to minimize the chances.

Why DHTCS, LLC for Cybersecurity services?

DHTCS, LLC has supported SMBs with IT infrastructure management for over 15 years, and this experience has given us a thorough understanding of the cybersecurity needs of smaller businesses. Although small businesses are every bit as likely—if not more likely—to be targeted by threat actors in cyberattacks, they often lack the budget and/or staffing levels to fully manage their own cybersecurity solutions using in-house resources. Furthermore, a large portion of smaller businesses lack internal IT teams entirely, making it challenging for them to manage a comprehensive cybersecurity program on their own, or even to identify what types of cybersecurity services they need in the first place. With our understanding of this variability in knowledge, skill level, budget, and other resources among SMBs, DHTCS, LLC has thoughtfully developed an extensive portfolio of cybersecurity services to meet each unique customer’s needs. Whether your business needs isolated services like cybersecurity monitoring or security awareness training to round out your own in-house cybersecurity program, or you have minimal defenses and need to build a cybersecurity regimen from the ground up, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our Managed IT Services

Do I really need it and how would I benefit?

Managed IT Services is becoming more and more of a necessity than a luxury. In today’s technological environment putting your data more at risk than ever. Staying ahead of the curve is also important in today’s fast-paced business.

When you sign up for one of our tailored packages you are not just buying antivirus and an “IT guy”. You are investing in your success by limiting downtime, budgeting for IT needs, and not reacting to unexpected problems.

Your IT infrastructure is an integral part of running your business and without it, you risk losing that high value customer or sale. There is one question you should ask yourself or your board members:

“Can I/we afford to lose that client and their business?”

If you answered no to that, please contact us today so that we may guide you along the road to success.

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