IT Consulting

Experienced IT consultants who stand out in the crowd.

At DHTCS, LLC we are passionate about increasing your chances of success. This is why we always go above and beyond. Our experienced consultants listen to your challenges, ask questions, and deliver results.

Our 3 step approach to IT consulting is simple.

We don’t believe in replacing everything in your network to achieve a common goal. We take into considering the existing infrastructure and build upon that.

Step One: Evaluate

We don't just jump in and assume what your needs are. We evaluate your current technologies and network by taking the time to onboard not just you, but ourselves as well.

Step Two: Listen

Before we make any recommendations that would help improve your infrastructure, we meet with you and listen to your current challenges and goals. Only then can we make an educated recommendation to move forward.

Step Three: Execute

We are not one of those companies that consult, make recommendations and then leave you in the lurch. We plan, deploy and implement every technology that we suggest.

Check out our Managed IT Services

Do I really need it and how would I benefit?

Managed IT Services is becoming more and more of a necessity than a luxury. In today’s technological environment putting your data more at risk than ever. Staying ahead of the curve is also important in today’s fast-paced business.

When you sign up for one of our tailored packages you are not just buying antivirus and an “IT guy”. You are investing in your success by limiting downtime, budgeting for IT needs, and not reacting to unexpected problems.

Your IT infrastructure is an integral part of running your business and without it, you risk losing that high value customer or sale. There is one question you should ask yourself or your board members:

“Can I/we afford to lose that client and their business?”

If you answered no to that, please contact us today so that we may guide you along the road to success.

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